2017 – What The Hell Was That?

Well, 2017 has been a weird old year, hasn’t it? I mean, it started out with good intentions - despite a questionable entry to New Year’s Day that involved about eighteen beers, a few very strong passion fruit martinis, waking up in a room I’d never seen before, vomiting continuously into an orange B&Q bucket, … Continue reading 2017 – What The Hell Was That?

Cherish Skincare Launch – September 2017

Back in the middle of September, I was invited to my very first brand launch! It was a bit of a surprise actually, but I jumped at the chance to get the proverbial ball rolling and getting involved with events. It was the first time I've ever really represented myself at an event of any … Continue reading Cherish Skincare Launch – September 2017

6 Things Dating A Barista Has Taught Me.

I don’t know anything about coffee. I know how to boil a kettle, and how to pour water into a cup, but I don't know anything about dialling in, roasting, cupping, Aeropress, V60s, Chemex, tasting notes or any of the technical jargon. In fact, I actually had to google “coffee language” to be able to … Continue reading 6 Things Dating A Barista Has Taught Me.