2017 – What The Hell Was That?

Well, 2017 has been a weird old year, hasn’t it? I mean, it started out with good intentions - despite a questionable entry to New Year’s Day that involved about eighteen beers, a few very strong passion fruit martinis, waking up in a room I’d never seen before, vomiting continuously into an orange B&Q bucket, … Continue reading 2017 – What The Hell Was That?

Creative Grooming – Cool or Cruel?

The other day, This Morning ran a feature about "furjazzling", which is a made up term for something that is already a thing. It refers to "creative grooming," which involves sculpting and colouring the coat of certain breeds (usually poodles or poodle crosses) into weird and wonderful shapes that are a long way away from … Continue reading Creative Grooming – Cool or Cruel?