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Cherish Skincare Launch – September 2017

The lighting from the popcorn machine was especially flattering…

Back in the middle of September, I was invited to my very first brand launch! It was a bit of a surprise actually, but I jumped at the chance to get the proverbial ball rolling and getting involved with events. It was the first time I’ve ever really represented myself at an event of any kind and I’m not going to lie – I was SUPER nervous, and due to various closures and nightmare traffic on the M3 over the course of the day, I only ended up having about 45 minutes to get ready before leaving. A good 30 minutes of that was spent psyching myself up and convincing myself to go to an event where I would literally know no-one and the rest of that time was spent doing numerous outfit changes and battling with makeup – does anyone else sometimes struggle to get their face right for no reason, even though it’s something they do pretty much every day? Because I do, and I’m not exaggerating when I say it took me eleven attempts to get my eyeliner right.

After FINALLY settling on an outfit and making sure that my blusher wasn’t overly red, I jumped into my car and set off – following my Sat-Nav of course, which led me in all sorts of directions before taking me to an area of Southampton that I already knew how to get to and thus, didn’t need my Sat-Nav and could probably have done the journey in a lot less time.

Old Chemist
Photo by Rachel Heslop over at Her photos are gorgeous – check her out!

I managed to find a parking space that wasn’t on a very steep hill, and headed for the warmly lit Old Chemist building, with several huge balloons outside and a nice smattering of people mingling about inside. As it happens, I’d managed to park next to someone else heading for the event – but neither of us realised until we were pretty much at the door. As we arrived we were handed a tall glass of something pink and fizzy, and were introduced to the lovely Mel, one of the founders of Cherish Skincare, a small Southampton based business, focussed on providing natural and ethical wellbeing products – all of them are handcrafted and sustainable, using the purest and freshest ingredients and made in small batches to reduce waste as much as possible. The focus of the evening was the launch of their Organic Night Oil – of which I was very kindly given a sample.

I’ve spoken about my experience with fibromyalgia on Morganifesto in the past – so I was immediately excited at the prospect of something that would help me to sleep better, especially when it’s something so natural, instead of relying solely on my fibro medication – plus I’m always seeking new stuff to whack on my face or in my hair.

I will admit that I was initially a little dubious about the oil aspect. Facial oils aren’t something that I generally tend to reach for – however one of the main components of the product is Hemp Seed Oil, which is great for balancing out the natural oils in the skin and doesn’t clog pores, which is what I was worried about. I tend to struggle with breakouts between my eyebrows (especially after waxing my eyebrows) and on my chin, so initially I avoided those areas and used it mainly on my cheeks. Even though I’d never considered myself to have oily skin per se, after probably about three or four days of using it, my skin felt SO much better! It’s soft, it’s hydrated as opposed to greasy, and my face generally feels more healthy – and now that I’m applying it to my whole face, I’ve had no problems with spots.

Again, this was taken by Rachel. I’m obsessed.

As a groomer, my skin goes through a lot in a day, and while I don’t often wear makeup to work (aside from the odd smudge of concealer to try and disguise the dark circles), I do spend a lot of time touching my face, rubbing my eyes to dislodge dog hair and plucking hair splinters out of the end of my nose – not to mention the harsh air conditioning and aiming the blaster nozzle at my own head to blow away yet more dog hair, and of course the endless slobbery kisses I get from my furry clients. I’m even currently sporting a bit of a scratch on my right cheek from an overzealous German Shepherd that did not want to have his nails clipped. It’s a profession where it’s very difficult to feel “clean”, and I’ve gotten into the habit of using some fairly harsh products – including make-up wipes, which are a little bit frowned upon among beauty gurus. Even the sensitive ones leave my eyes a little sore after taking off especially stubborn eye makeup – but this facial oil is wonderfully soothing, and contains Calendula extract – a natural anti-inflammatory, making it not only great for sensitive skin, but also gives it healing properties and is ideal for skin conditions. Already the scratch I mentioned earlier has almost disappeared after two days. It smells great too – a combination of lavender, vetiver essential oils and Ylang Ylang, which serve as a double whammy of skin nourishment and to help calm and relax the body to aid a good night’s sleep. I generally apply it to my face as the very last thing before I get into bed (alongside Sleepy by Lush for my body), but if you’re using other products on your face, then it’s suggested that the oil is used first and allowed to soak into the skin before adding anything else. The best thing of course is that every ingredient is organic, natural and completely fresh.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Cherish Skincare are donating 10% of the proceeds from their Night Oil to a local charity called the Amber Project, who work tirelessly to provide support to vulnerable working women in and around Southampton.

All in all, it was a really nice evening – although I realised fairly early on that I should have taken my camera. The pictures from my iPhone really don’t do the beautiful set up any justice. Most of the photos in this post were taken by the incredible talent that is Rachel Heslop, over at The Project Lifestyle – so even if I had had the foresight to take my camera, there is no way my pictures would have come out as well as hers!


If you’d like to know more about Cherish Skincare and what they do, you can find them here. To purchase some of their wonderful Night Oil, head on over to their Etsy page – and keep a close eye for new products, coming soon!

Thanks again for reading,

Love, Morgan


*although I was not paid to write this, I did receive a sample of the Organic Night Oil free of charge. Views are my own.

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