Look at this happy kidney, and other Uncommon Goods

Here we are at last – September. The kids are back at school, the longer nights are beginning to draw in, there is the tiniest hint of a chill in the air and I’m starting to crave various flavours of soup of an evening. I realise that we still have a few remnants of what passes as summer here in the UK – there are spiders absolutely everywhere and it hasn’t dropped below ten degrees celsius – but Autumn is coming, and that can only mean one thing – Christmas is on the way! Now that the festive countdown is down to double figures, it’s time to think about the folks in our lives that perhaps deserve something special in their stocking this year.

Now I LOVE Christmas shopping. It’s probably my favourite part of the whole event, and I do quite like to go overboard. There is nothing more satisfying than finding the perfect gift for someone, something that screams “this made me think of you” – especially when it comes to those loved ones that are notoriously tricky to buy for. The lovely people over at Uncommon Goods have challenged me to create my perfect Christmas Gift Guide – so whether you’re looking for the perfect novelty for the Dad that has everything or the ideal gift for Grandma – these guys have you covered!

Not only do Uncommon Goods offer a tremendous range of interesting products from independent creators and small manufacturers all over the world, they are all about sustainability,  and work with artists to reduce waste and use recyclable materials as much as possible. They created the Better To Give programme, allowing customers to nominate a non-profit organisation to receive $1 donation from the company when they go to check out – through this scheme, they’ve donated over $1,000,000 since it began in 2001. They also don’t carry any products made with leather, fur, feathers or pearls – making them perfect for vegans too!

Without further ado, here is my comprehensive list of clever gifts you never knew you needed:

Soup & Sandwich Plate

I mentioned earlier that the approaching colder weather has brought about a craving for soup and, the other night, as I carried a large bowl of it balanced on the edge of a plate laden with quite a lot of crusty bread, I made it about halfway up the stairs before I started to lose my balance. The great thing about these is that not only does it allow you to carry two meals in one hand (already better than a normal plate) but you’re not just limited to soup and a sandwich – Ice cream and cake. Cereal and toast. Pasta and garlic bread. The possibilities are endless and, with two trays and two bowls in each set, you could dual wield dinner and dessert perfectly easily. They’re oven, dishwasher and microwave safe and only £22.24.

(Prices are oddly specific because of the $ to £ exchange rate)

Pinch and Dash Salt & Pepper Shakers

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 19.28.19

I’m not gonna lie, I was immediately drawn to these because they looked like Mickey Mouse gloves. I feel like salt and pepper shakers are one of those things that kind of gets  missed out when it comes to kitting out a kitchen (in the same way as things like egg cups, ice cream scoops and whisks might), but this HANDY pair will be first on my list when Clark and I eventually get round to finding a place. At £7.41, they are a steal!

Cacti Cannisters

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 20.29.52

On the subject of kitting out a kitchen, I’m the sort of person that will spend a really long time making sure that everything matches. It is imperative that things like the kettle, microwave and utensil storage all fit in with the overall feel of the room, whatever that may turn out to be – and that includes tea, coffee and sugar storage, despite my intention to move in with my Barista boyfriend (which will pretty much eradicate the need to store coffee in just one container). These adorable ceramic cacti would fit in with any aesthetic – although I would probably forget which substance was stored in which cactus. Despite being a little more pricey at £51.88, they are the perfect amount of whimsy.

Hidden Animal Mugs

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 19.26.34

It is a complete coincidence that everything in my list so far has been related to food and/or drink. I picked these because they are, quite frankly, absolutely adorable. Not only are they fun to drink from, but they also wouldn’t look out of place as some sort of jewellery storage. There are three different animals to choose from – an owl, a fox and a bear, and they’re sold individually at £18.53 each.

Socks – Lemur, Shark, Pencil and Sloth

Steering away from the kitchen now, to a classic Christmas gift that admittedly, doesn’t require much thought – socks. Is it even Christmas if at least one family member doesn’t receive a pair of socks? It never even occurred to me that lemurs would look good on socks, and the shark ones got a laugh from Clark. You really can’t go wrong with socks.

Plush Organs

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 20.52.06

I had to leave the best for last. These are probably the best thing I’ve ever seen. The idea of getting someone a plush heart is quite sweet, even if it is an anatomical one, but realistically I think I would be more likely to buy the rectum one instead. Definitely worth every penny of £13.34 – and I want all of them.

I think I must have collectively spent a good few hours scrolling through the Uncommon Goods website, and it took me a really long time to narrow down my favourite bits from the wish list I made. I am an absolute sucker for places like this – the impulse buyer in me goes “yes, I absolutely need a ceramic sponge storage pot!” Thankfully I do have some level of restraint – although there are definitely a few things I intend on purchasing for myself as soon as payday rolls around (specifically a cuddly Spleen), as well as a couple of coffee related goodies for Clark for when Actual Christmas rolls around (but shh, don’t tell him!)

As always, thank you so much for reading – and even though it’s still only September – Merry Christmas!



*Although this post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods, all views are my own.

** Feb ’18 -Due to a violation of Google’s linking guidelines, all links have been removed.

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