Not Worth Reading Vol. 2

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to Morganifesto. It’s been nearly three months since the last time I posted, which is frankly, an absolutely abysmal effort. Bear with me though, for I have plenty of excuses lined up and ready to go and, in my defence, these last three months have been a bit of a whirlwind. Even though I’ve had no shortage of ideas and free time, a lot of it requires an explanation of context – and so, here I am, gleefully bringing you the second part of this gripping saga – Not Worth Reading Vol. 2. Hallelujah.

The main point of this is to update you, my small but loyal readership, on a few bits and pieces that have occurred since last I wrote. My previous post had some fantastic feedback, and I received news from at least one person that they or someone they knew had actually found my break up advice moderately useful, which is wonderful. Obviously it’s not wonderful that they were put in that position in the first place, but if the words from my brain have made someone feel better during an especially difficult time, then that’s fantastic!

It also backhandedly landed me a date – which I’ve been dying to post about, but that would lead to a sequence of three posts about two different relationships and I don’t necessarily think that I want that sort of correspondence. It’s all a bit too Taylor Swift.

(Also, I feel like posting about how great my new relationship was directly after advising people the best way to deal with a break up would make me a bit of a dick.)

 Basically I met this guy at a party when I was 17. We had a bit of a dance, added each other on all the appropriate social media sites and became what I can only describe as “acquaintances”, which means I used to avoid going into the Costa he worked in because I thought he was cute and I have weird ways of dealing with these things. We spoke on Tumblr a lot though, as I’ve recently discovered when I delved into the archives. I turned him down about six times over the last 18 months – until he slid into my DMs again in the aftermath of my previous post, and I figured I had nothing to lose and should probably give him a chance. We went to see the new Beauty and The Beast (which is GREAT by the way), then for lunch the next day, and since then we’ve been pretty much inseparable. Cue post about the speed of relationships, but I couldn’t be happier – and now I’m questioning why it took nearly two years for me to agree to a date with him. His name is Clark, he’s a barista and you can find him here. He has a cat who stares at walls for fun. Here is a photo for proof:

u ok?

She’s also the only cat I’ve ever witnessed actually sighing. Weird.

The other, much less happy story is that I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, after months of constant pain with seemingly no cause and years of total exhaustion from the simplest of tasks. It was great to finally have an answer – but it definitely wasn’t the answer I wanted. It’s also been something that I’ve spent a lot of time trying to write about, but I wanted to get to know it better first. I generally wanted to keep things lighthearted and not turn it into a moan, but at the same time I didn’t want to gloss over the gory details and make it seem trivial. It has good days and it has bad days, and just because I’m doing well on one particular day doesn’t mean that I’m fixed, or that the pain has stopped. It just means that the pain isn’t as bad as it usually is.

Anyway, I won’t go into too much detail now because that is for another time. There are a lot of symptoms and side effects that I want to address, and with the attention span of a gnat, it’s predictable that it will take me absolutely forever to write something coherent. We’ll gloss over the fact that I’ve spent the last three months off work because of it, and thus have had more than enough time to write and meticulously edit something conclusive. Don’t judge me.

I have also been busy with various family commitments. I have several relatives that live in New Zealand, meaning we don’t see them too often. This year, they came over for my 24th birthday (well, coincidentally it was my birthday during their visit) which was nice, because they moved across the world before I turned 1, so it was strange to think that it would have been the first time they’d been in the country for my birthday. We went to a pub near Farnham called The Derby, which I’ve mentioned before on Morganifesto. They always do amazing food, and their profiteroles are absolutely to die for. My grandparents have this thing where they go for a drive until they find a nice pub, and then basically go there every week for lunch until they’ve exhausted the menu. This is one of the ones they’ve found recently that they really liked, so it’s a fairly safe bet we’ll be going there for every special occasion for the next few years.



We had also been exploring a few places around the South of England. We went for a little mooch around Winchester, and then to Highclere Castle, which is famously the location used for Downton Abbey. I’ve never watched the show, but my cousin is a massive fan and my parents enjoyed the Christmas specials, so I figured I’d tag along. Despite being early June, it was freezing, and it absolutely threw it down with rain for most of the HOUR we stood queueing. The sun came out briefly and it was suddenly really humid so it was basically impossible to dry off. Saying that, wondering around the house itself was actually really interesting. I think those who have watched Downton Abbey would have appreciated it more than I did, but it was still cool to learn about how the house would have been run during the 1800s and 1900s. Thankfully the sun stayed out, and we had a mooch around the gardens, and I spent about half an hour trying to take a slow motion video of a bumblebee until my phone crashed and wouldn’t turn back on again.



Finally, last Wednesday was my paternal grandmother’s 92nd Birthday, so the whole family descended upon my aunt’s Devonshire bungalow to celebrate. This meant that poor Clark was introduced to most of the rest of my Dad’s side of the family all at once. Clearly this ordeal had tired him out, because his head was doing that bobbing up and down thing that people do when they’re falling asleep in a car but are trying really hard not to. Adorable.




I think that pretty much covers it. Once again, if you’ve read this far then a) why and b) thank you. I’ve found that the best cure for writers block is for me to literally sit and type out my stream of consciousness. I don’t know if it provides entertainment for you, the people reading it, but it’s been nice to get some words down on a page, even if they are mostly garbage. Of course, your regularly scheduled programming will return after this broadcast.


Once again, thank you for reading


Until next time,





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