I made my own “welcome back” banners.


I’ve had this blog since around about 2009. At the time, I was about 16 and addicted to Tumblr – and would probably have described myself as a “blogger”, even though all I was doing was hitting the “re-blog” button on photos and witty posts that other people had created.

These days, I’m twenty-two. I’ve gotten older, wiser and although I still pretentiously consider myself to be a “writer” of sorts, it’s rare that I ever actually write anything down on paper.

So here I am again. Reviving my old blog and starting from scratch. I’ve deleted all my old drafts and posts, with the exception two from 2013, and am starting again with a clean slate. I don’t know if it’s because it’s September time, and nearly sixteen years in education has meant that I still get a little jittery and restless every time it rolls around, but I’ve decided that now is as good a time as any to get this little project back on the road again.

I have serious commitment issues when it comes to this sort of thing. Short attention span, tendency to procrastinate and susceptibility to distractions all mean that I really struggle to blog continuously. Team these things up with lack of confidence in any ideas that I may have to write about, and you’ve basically got a recipe for disaster.

For the time being, this is just a test. I was thinking far too hard about what kind of category I wanted to fit into – you get the beauty blogs, fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, game blogs, film blogs, book blogs – the list is endless. Then I realised that I don’t have to conform to any type of category – I’m reviving this for my own sake, not for anyone else’s, and therefore I shall write about anything I damn well want. Maybe it’ll be a rant about the stigma surrounding mental health one day, followed by a review of my favourite moisturiser the next day (it’s The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet, if you’re wondering). It may not even make it that far.

All I know is, I’m excited to get this show back on the road. Writing is something I’ve always loved to do, and now seems like a particularly good time to start actually doing it. I just hope that there’s someone out there who wants to read it!

To read my post on University from 2013, you can find it here

If you’d rather check out my oh-so punny short story about hot dogs, you can find that here (seriously, why would you not want to read that?!)

Hopefully I’ll be seeing you soon!

Peace out

Becca x

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